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​Introducing our beautiful Chinese dragon canvas art, inspired by the iconic painting "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains". This exquisite piece depicts a majestic dragon gracefully winding around misty mountains, evoking a sense of power and serenity. The dragon's intricate details and vibrant colors beautifully complement the sweeping landscapes and tranquil rivers depicted in the original artwork. Made from high-quality materials, this canvas art is perfect for adding a touch of oriental mysticism to any space. Whether you are an art connoisseur or simply a lover of Chinese culture, this masterpiece is sure to captivate and inspire. Bring the beauty and tradition of Chinese art into your home with our beautiful Chinese dragon cloth.

Chinese Dragon in style of "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains"

  • - Sizes:

    • 12" x 9" / 30,5 cm x 22, 8 cm

    • 16" x 12" / 40,6 cm x 30,5 cm

    • 24" x 18" / 61 cm x 38,1 cm

    • 32" x 24" / 81,3 cm x 61 cm

    • dept/dikte 0,75" / 1,90 cm

    - Hook already made on the back of the frame

    - Made of sustainable pine wood

    - Canvas made of highly durable cotton and polyester (9.82 oz/yd² (333 g/m²)) with patented coting for vibrant colors.

    - Rubber circles on the back of the frame for better support.

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