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How it started

Sico Designs is a small company that started in a small studio. Fascinated by fun designs, I was always busy crafting projects with fun and artful designs myself. I started to personally design and decorated my first home with my personal products. Everyone who passed by gave positive comments about my designs on the wall. Because of these positive reactions, I became passionate to help other people personalize their interior. The interior says something about the person himself.

It has been proven that the interior has a major influence on our emotions and well-being. It can evoke different moods and feelings. Ranging from warmth and coziness to openness and serenity. By personalizing their interior, individuals can surround themselves with elements that bring them joy and comfort. It provides a feeling of connection and a space where humans can retreat, relax and recharge. This is what I also resonate with. Recognizing the importance of this, I founded Sico Designs.


By founding Sico Designs, I want to bring my passion for unique and beautiful designs over to reality. I am committed to providing you with the best wall art so that you can always enjoy something unique and something that you love.

My customers always come first and can always count on me. Sico Designs is the store for your wall art decoration that really reflects your personality. In my store you can shop for unique and exclusive wall decorations entirely to your taste. I also strive to make every product special to spice up your interior. Explore through my site and enjoy the wall art I have to offer! Hopefully you find something related to your past, your present and your future! Connect with me if you have any questions or suggestion artwork!

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